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3D-Easy - Lenticular Rough Determination German

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3D-Easy - Lenticular Rough Determination English

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Detail informations of 3D-Easy - Lenticular Rough Determination.



The "3D-Easy - Lenticular Rough Determination" serves the simple and fast rough determination of lenticular cards with unknown lpi-value in the field from 10 to 200 lpi. It does not replace the calibration functions which is contained in the software 3D-Easy SPACE. The lpi-value, which is determined by the "3D-Easy - lenticular rough determination", should therefore be starting point of a following lenticular calibration (pitch test).
The "3D-Easy - Lenticular Rough Determination" is contained in the 3D-Easy Complete Kit - Standard, but can be purchased separately.