Kopfzeile 2017
New Art Illusion

The beginning.
Some time ago, we began looking for a software which would transform images and graphics into the third dimension. There was no software on the market that fitted our quality demands, that was easy to work with and whose price convinced us. That was the reason why we developed our own program - 3D Easy Space - and why we founded our internet company, New Art Illusion, in 2000.

Years later.
The product 3D Easy has been established on the market. Due to such high demand, we developed the fifth version, in which we took into consideration the wishes of our customers. The success is evidence enough: our customers are home users as well as professionals in all areas of advertisement and graphic design from Germany and abroad who appreciate the quality of our software and the online-service. Each question to the topic 3D will be answered by our colleagues.

Now it's your turn.
Change your photos, fonts or animations into a 3D image or flip image. In our Complete Kit you will find everything you need: We use a lenticular technology which had previously been reserved for professional studios with a tremendous technical expenditure. This has changed due to the development of the PC-hardware and printing technology. Now you can also produce your own 3D images with a normal or a digital camera.

We wish you fun and success with our products!

New Art Illusion