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FAQ WebShop


Questions and answers concerning the 3D-EASY-WebShop.

How does the 3D-Easy - WebShop work?
You will be taken to our 3D-Easy - WebShop about our homepage . Select either the German or English language and then click the “WebShop” button. The internet connection for your purchase is safe.
The 3D-Easy - WebShop is in German and English language available.

Ordering works as follows: (last modified: October 2014):

  • Select a product group under "Products"
  • Click the item you wish to order. A detailed product description should appear.
  • Click the button "Add to basket“, the selected item/items will be placed in your basket
  • You can see the current contents of your basket, all selected products and their prices are shown.
  • Normally, only one product is placed into your basket, but you can purchase more items if you wish. To order more items, change the number of products. Your new total, including shipping costs is now calculated.
  • To place your order, press the button „Basket“.
  • You can select your delivery and payment method. Maybe the payment „Cash on Delivery“ is not possible to the country you would like the goods to be shipped. Please select an other payment method.
  • With the button “Check out” you come to the next step: you must enter the addresses.
  • On the next page, you will get a summary of your order. If you agree with the General Terms of Business, you can submit your order by pressing the button „Buy now“. If you select „PayPal“, you will be taken Pay Pal´s website automatically and you will receive the necessary instructions
  • If your email-adress is correct, you will get a confirmation of your order via email after placing your order.
  • The products will be sent out immediately. Shipping time is dependent upon the country where the product is to be shipped. For detailed information see the homepage of German Post/DHL. Products are shipped to foreign countries by air mail.

What types of payment are accepted?
There are three acceptable forms of payment:
1. Payment in Advance
2. PayPal (pay with credit card via PAYPAL)
3. Cash on Delivery (only possible in some countries)

If I experience difficulties when ordering in the 3D-Easy - WebShop and cannot place an order, what steps should I take?
Most online shops require Cookies. Cookies are small files which are saved from the internet server onto the hard disk. Cookies are essential to online shopping as they allow your basket to not be mixed up with another shopper's basket. Cookies are not viruses and are therefore not dangerous.
Cookies can be allowed or blocked by an option in the internet browser. In order to place an order, Cookies must be allowed on your computer. There are different options which depend on the version of your internet browser. After completing your order, you can again block Cookies.

Do I have to place an order via 3D-Easy - WebShop?
The internet connection to order products via 3D Easy - WebShop is secure. All necessary information to place an order is available. This is the reason why the order should be carried out via 3D-Easy - WebShop.
If it is not possible to order in our 3D-Easy - WebShop in certain cases, the order can also be sent to our email address ( or per fax. You should name the item/itmes to be purchased, the number of items, the address of invoice and delivery, and type of payment.