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FAQ Anaglyphs


Frequently Asked Questions to Anaglyphs.

Can I use anaglyph glasses when already wearing prescription glasses?
Yes, people who wear prescription glasses can use anaglyph glasses as well. Anaglyph glasses are worn in front of the prescription glasses.

Does the anaglyph technique work only on the monitor or also on printed material?
The anaglyph technique works with both screen and printed material.

What does anaglyph mean and how does it work?
You can find detailed information regarding anaglyph procedures in chapters 3.1 and 5.5 in the manual.

Can those who are color-blind see a stereoscopic effect on anaglyphs?
Yes, because the color filter first “sorts out" the corresponding image parts independent of human view and only then these filtered image parts are seen.

What is ColorCode-3DTM ?
ColorCode 3-D is a patented Danish state-of-the-art 3-D Stereo system. This technology has the following features:

  • realistic 3D depiction (impression of depths)
  • full color-information
  • ColorCode 3-D works with all computer monitors (CRT, LCD, TFT, Plasma), digital projectors (LCD, DLP, LCOS) and printers (inkjet, laser)
  • a ColorCode encoded image, a ColorCodeStereogram, is a single, full-color image with the stereoscopic information encoded as minute variations in the colors
  • all conventional 3-D Stereo material on digital form can be ColorCode 3-D encoded, such as stereo pairs (Left and Right image) based on photographs and computer graphics etc
  • avoidance or reduction of „ghost images“
  • calculation and depiction only requires little technical efforts, the only accessory required is a specially designed low cost C3D PaperTM glasses

Is a yellow-blue anaglyph the same as ColorCode 3-D?
No, the yellow-blue anaglyph has a lot of limitations compared with ColorCode 3-D.
If a 3-D Stereo image is containing mainly saturated red, yellow and green objects the yellowblue anaglyph will only show very little or no 3-D effect. Further the yellow-blue anaglyph will generally have a lot more chromatic ghosting than a ColorCodeStereogram. Finally ColorCode 3-D will reproduce cleaner colors than a yellow-blue anaglyph.
The described advantages are based on small corrections of the color area of the basic images in connection with the corresponding C3D PaperTM glasses (3D-glasses).

How to produce a ColorCode 3-D image (ColorCodeStereogram)?
A ColorCodeStereogram can be produced in one of two ways:

  • Either by using the ColorCode 3-D Standard™ or CX Pro™ encoding algorithm (preferably for own software implementations)
  • 3D-Easy SPACE 3.2 and forward (Standard or Professional) has the ColorCode 3-D Standard Algorithmus built-in (preferably as user)

How to view a ColorCode 3-D image (ColorCodeStereogram)?
To view a ColorCode3 image, you only need 3D-glasses (which are small, light, and cheap).

Are the ColorCode 3-D system used anywhere else apart from in 3D-Easy SPACE?
Yes, ColorCode 3-D are in use in the following areas:

  • Cult3D™ Designer 3.5
    Interactive 3-D Stereo Objects for the Web - by Cycore.
  • Stereo On Screen
    Program to present Full-screen Cult3D™ Objects in ColorCode 3-D - by Declic3D.
  • Easyviz™
    Medical 3-D Stereo Visualisation - by Medical Insight.
  • VisuAll™ Tool-set, Stereo & Phantom
    Hardware Accelerated Real-time 3-D Stereo Visualisation & VR - by Digital Arts & ColorCode 3-D Center.
  • ColorCodeEncoder™ SDK
    Hardware Accelerated Edition of the ColorCode 3-D encoding - by ColorCode 3-D Center & Digital Arts.
  • ColorCodeEncoder™ SDK
    hardware accelarated edition of the ColorCode 3-D Encoding - from ColorCode 3-D Center & Digital Arts.
  • ColorCodePlayer™
    Player for 3-D DVD’s, MPEG2 and AVI files made for Shutter Glasses – Interlaced (Interleaved, Field Sequential) and Side By Side - to be viewed in ColorCode 3-D format on PC and Screen - by ColorCode 3-D Center.
  • ColorCode 3-D Large Format films (IMAX):
    Encounter In the Third Dimension (3D Mania), SOS Planet and Misadventures in 3D – by nWave Pictures / Adventures in Animation 3D by WGBH Enterprises.
  • ColorCode 3-D DVD’s
    A series of 3-D DVD’s made for nWave Pictures / Escapi.
    There are at present sold far beyond 3 million C3D PaperTM glasses

Is it possible to use, publish and release ColorCode3-D-images calculated with 3D-Easy SPACE free of charge?
Yes, the ColorCode 3-D images calculated with 3D-Easy SPACE can be used privately and commercially without any restrictions. However, an images copyright must be considered, independent of image processing (here by ColorCode 3-D technique). The use of the ColorCode3-D font requires the permission of the patent owner.

ColorCode 3-D and the ColorCode 3-D logo are trademarks of ColorCode 3-D Center ApS, Denmark, used under license.